Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Your biggest enemy: People who know.

Good evening my sweet sweet invisible friends!

I have some hard challenge for you this time but I know we have it in our nature so with hope and pray we will be able to make it. Because lots of other people have managed, so why don't we?

After living in Sweden in almost ten years, I've learned something about this "democratic" and "forward" country. This country used to symbolize freedom of speech and shit like that. Which now is beginning to become kind of gray and that's one good new for us.

So for this lecture, I'm gonna give you the steps to become a Big Brother. The key to get that position might be hard to get but the way there, is not that far.

- You get yourself some knowledge.
- You realize, you're not welcome to talk about all these knowledge in front of random people.
- Therefore, you choose a direction. Which in this case will be to apply for some kind of journalistic education.
- During the time in school, (if you're smart enough) you get the chance to learn how limited the news are. How well chosen they are for the masses to think the way the system want them to think and how misleading they are for you who might be interested in important subjects.

This step will lead us to what we want to become to get that high position. All these struggles are for you to become THE system. We keep going:

- You might get angry and think "ey, I want to write about eveything, using all the sources, without anyone censoring me or cutting my words."

To that I say: Off course my friend, you-keep-it-for-yourself. Cause if everybody knew, the worlds secrets would be unveiled and you will become the next Julian Assange, having raped some people without even knowing it. And you don't want that right? So here is the big step:

- You decide that you will become THE system which will CONTROL its people to get the WRONG information or NO information AT ALL. The one-step-higher system will pay you fortunes, cause you are now supporting the bastards. You will be rich and at the end it's the money which would bring joy and happiness to your life.

Congratulation dear Asshole, you are now a fucking successful one. Why don't you now bring some babies to this world too?


Think about me when you're shitting gold!

Much Love/


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lick it up, lick it up, oooohh oooohh

Hello darlings!

Long time no see! I wonder how you are and how you wonderful souls are keeping yourselves busy during the wonderful time before christmas? Isn't it beautiful when snow falls down from outside your window, and you can go around and buy and buy and buy lots of...shit just to be like anyone else? I'm proud of you. Cause you take this consumption so seriously and make all the successful assholes out there so happy. Every year at this time of the year you all become so wonderful. So crazy in buying stuff to other people and supporting all the companies. They need your money and I need your money. That's why I'm planning to study something which will lead me into a career full of stealing.

I'm not gonna tell you so many things. Today I have two options for you. One is a key to happiness and another one is a key to so much money that your crap will look like true gold.

- Money brings happiness. Only money. Unfortunately we didn't choose to come to this world by ourselves. Then to face other human begins was off course the biggest chock which would help the world to become the biggest mental hospital in universe. Congratulations! Now what I'm gonna teach will give you all the good opportunities in life. It's two words in one: ASSLICKING. Do it everday, every year and through whole your life and you will be the king in this planet. Cause by then time you will be the one getting your ass licked. Some people are better than you. To become them or even better than them you need to lick some asses. It's a wonderful feeling. It sounds disgusting I know but little by little you're gonna learn to love it and by becoming the most professional asslicker, you become the richest and also a wellknown person. Who doesn't like money and who doesn't like spotlight? As I mentioned before, we are whores and like to brag about our talents.

- If you wanna rob people day in and day out without ever paying a fine or ending up in a jail, you can just study to become a dentist. It's not the easiest way. I can garanti you that asslicking is much more easier than studying. But think about the bright future which is waiting for it successful asshole to arrive. Right? Come on, apply, study and get a fucking exam. Make me proud. You're gonna be rich as hell and no one can ever put you down. Cause you're a dentist and deserve a lot of respect.

Cheers for the day then everyone can kiss my ass!

Yours truly, W.A

Sunday, October 24, 2010

lie is the key to success. but in this case...

Dear friends! How could I forget this blog when assholes are growing from every corner. Since the capitalistic party won the Swedish election, I realized, well done, people have learned their lessons very good. Now they are all aware of how they could be one of the worlds biggest assholes! That was the reason I backed off. I felt like, there is no need for me now. People have become very very clever.

But at the same time, I feel like it's my task to teach one more lesson around this subject which will help you more in the process of success.

Do you remember a fellow german once upon time who was so angry and had so much complex that he killed a lot of jews?

What this dude did, was to be very honest. Despite all the ideas and opinions he stood for, he managed to become powerful by being honest.

In this lesson, I'm not gonna give you any steps, but, I will give you some advices for how you remove your own style and change it to Hitlers style so that people could trust you more.

You see, we all know that if you wanna success in this world, you have to be a great liar. But one fact remains:

We have the process of New World Order which has been going on since Hitler came to power, and I'm sure it existed even before his era. What I'm trying to say is, listen carefully now:
All the politicians are following this pattern. They might say : "Oh no, someone got killed in world trade center or somewhere else". But deep down, what you need to do, when things like this happen, is to stand up and say: "yeah, we wanted them to die". Hitler did the same, he just decided to go out and say: "I wanna kill these people."
I don't know if NWO was a big part of his plan or if he was just enjoying his time of power though. But the fact remains. He successed.
Rest of the politicians are the same but they lie more and that's the reason they sometimes fail.

The easiest way to become a good brainwashing politician is to:

- be honest about how many people you wanna get rid of and why. Then there will be idiots falling for your crap everywhere.

Friday, June 11, 2010

A Proud Soldier

Good morning beautiful people!

I've been going around, having a lot of ideas for this blog but I hadn't really time to finally write it down.
Anyway, I guess we should just get started.

Dear people, if you didn't know I tell you now, that I've been living in Sweden since I was a teenager. Now what I'm gonna teach you is how to become the best person in some kind of authority in Sweden.

- saying the word NO should be on repeat 24/7. You've been hearing it since you were a child. Everything you asked was answered: "No, I can't answer to that" or "no, unfortunately (tyvärr) it doesn't work".
- you've learned since you were a kid that Sweden stands for human rights and bullshit like that. But that was things your teachers said to you when you were a kid. You still have to think of this big plan of New World Order and follow its pattern. Which is to always remember that by having the power in some authority you can also kill people but at the same time keeping the mask on by sympathizing with the person being killed.
For example: you're a doctor. and the fun part is that you really dare to call yourself a doctor! and some poor human being comes to you and tells you that she's been having some problems with her stomach and KNOWS why. She's been eating a poisonous mushroom. your task as a doctor is now to send her home and say "everything is gonna be alright." she dies at home and the other authorities start to sympathize with the person.
Sure it can be hard for you as a doctor for a very short while but no one's gonna arrest you for murderer or anything so don't worry, keep on killing.
- you have some kind of pride for your country. You've been watching a lot of Hollywood movies about war and believe that the country should be defended from the enemy. Here you know you have no chance starting a war or having a strong army for no reason. So you once again use this "human rights"-bullshit and create an army that will help third world countries in their development of peace. You have done your task as a big brainwasher. People loves you and are proud of you. You just leave the country with a sympathetic smile on your face and going for some war and kill those son of a bitches. Yeah!
- another example is that you find a country with a lot of resources. You once again put the nice sympathetic smile on and take your army with you to that country, saying "it's for peace" and then go for the gold! Don't worry about that cause people buy it.
- you can always pretend being one of the "good ones" and start a organization or school or anything in poor countries or for people who are outside the society. You can make shit load of money of people by calling yourself a humanist. Just observe that never ever unveil why these people having these kind of lives. Cause the answer is that you wanted it to! People don't wanna hear the truth. The "good countries" make sure that other countries live in misery and poverty or other unhuman circumstances so that they can take what they want and also showing the world how good and helpful they are. You will rock in this kind of career. A big fat lier whom people will love!
- if you wanna work in a bigger authorities, maybe taking over the Big Brothers place when he's retired, you can create a fucked up religion and say that a whole area in the world believes in it. The people of the area (at least some of them) realize that yeah, that could be an awesome God. He gives us Sex, drugs and rock n roll! Then after awhile you create small small groups of these "religious" people and develop them into the worlds biggest terrorist groups. Basically you create terrorism yourself. Then start screaming "ayaya now we have to defend ourselves from terrorism. These people are extremely evil. we try to end up in peace but they wanna destroy us in pieces". Once again you have fooled a looot of idiots out there. You will be the "democratic" country which also talks about peace as one important fact. Hah!
- you HAVE to be a ignorant person. Just forget the facts and discuss the theories that satisfies you and the other ignorant asses around you. When people wanna get help from you, don't give a shit. Tell them you will help them but don't give a shit. They are as worthless as you are.
- the swedish old tradition, Mobbning which is bullying is still left in the society. Don't forget to use it. Cause if you are evil by nature (which I think lot of us are) it will be very effect full.
- being a robot will help you through your career. I've mentioned this before and saying it again: remember there is no such a thing as a feeling in a human being. We are all robots and will keep it that way. Being a robot could be the main key to managing on top of the assholes!

Good luck dear ones, you deserve the best!
Much love /WA

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Drug is god

I better fill this soon.

When the time's right, I'm gonna put up the universes biggest ASS on publicity and I can promise you that this son of a bitch could ever sue. He/She can put you in a strange karma for life though. But that doesn't really matter. In this world filled of people who make a meet-dish of a 16 year old girl and eat it.. what could happen that would be worse than that? ANYTHING! Cause this Asshole has the fucking power! Oioioi!

But I'll back soon!
Much Love / W.A

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A simple process.

I gotta mention something here before I take the first step for my career as an Asshole!

Basically the world is divided in two groups. The smart one and the idiot one. The idiot one becomes idiot thanks to the smart one. Why? The answer is very simple. By keeping some of them idiots, you can take whatever you want. That is almost the biggest goal to reach if you want to be a successful Asshole!

Good day!

Monday, February 22, 2010

We are the world...??

Good day babes!

So dear people,
We all know that the showbiz system is filled with totaly fucked up people who have managed to reach a certain level by being fucked up.

You see, you could put everything that has anything to do with USA under the name of Hollywood. It's just that simple. War is Avatar. Family dramas are Days of Our Lives. Politicians are the winners of Oscar and Golden Globe, Gansters issues with each other are the memory of Tupac. Charles Manson becomes usefull as an artist name. And...when a country gets affected by some kind of catastrophe (read nature catastrophe and not human rape on a nation) there will be hundreds of these "stars" finding the best time to glow!

These ignorant assholes, became rich on one factor which was the fact THAT THEY WERE ASSHOLES! If you think you can be successful and have a soul, then honey I'm sorry to tell you that, you will lose in all the lifetime situations. So from now on, remember to oil your asshole softly and with love. Cause the hole is the main key to your success.

So we start with the steps:

- You are basically a whore. You would do whatever it takes to be seen. And most of the time you have absolutely nothing important to say. You might be good looking, provocative, manipulating bitch who loves the spotlight. Or you have lots of talents but you don't have enough whore potential in you, that's why you find yourself a proper whore who has the best potential and then you just have that person under your control untill the person becomes "independent".

The journey of fame makes you an ignorant Asshole. There you have managed to become a successful Asshole. But we all know that for a person under a spotlight, enough is never enough. Their safety gives them the opportunity to have the power to comment about worlds problem. Or adopt a child or lot of children to become even more famous.
Then when something terrible happens like that massive earthquake in Haiti you fucking dare to do the same clown performance that you've been doing under your everyday circus. And idiots fall for that crap!

So I mention this once more:
People are idiots and if you want to fool them, the easy way to success is to never unveil the dirty reality behind everything that happens in the world and how you managed to make that shit load of money. You just point at some poor kids who have lost their parents. You use the saddest chords on your song which you sing with other Assholes and share it to the rest of the world. While you use your best actor-talent and also drop a little shiny tear on your face.

Then you are an Asshole who literally rule the world.

Enjoy your future:

Much Love/ Kanye